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About Company

We are Hotel, Guest House & Entertainment Experts

Frida Farms is a luxurious hotel/guest house which is specialized in accommodation and catering in other to satisfy the unlimited needs of its customer. Its facilities are impressively gorgeous and are put in place to satisfy the needs of the country and as well its inhabitants.

Frida farms offers a collection of unique wellness-inspired accommodation that each experience is anything but standard and a healthy lifestyle becomes part of the daily routine.

Frida Farms has various objectives including ownership and operation of hotel rooms and guest houses, restaurant bar, banquet hall, Conference Hall, penthouse and a gift shop.

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Reasons You Should Choose Us

Quick Responses

Punctuality is very high on our list. We therefore pride ourselves in providing timely responses to our clients

Trained Workers

Our team is professionally trained. This enables them to handle the needs of our clients in the most sensible ways possible


All clients' information remains on lock unless they grant express permission to share this with a third party

High Quality Services

We are set up to give all our clients the best possible experience during their time with us.


Frida Farms is readily accessible being located at the roadside and the building stands out ensuring that it can be easily located